Hearty Location

premium WordPress plugin with WooCommerce compatibility

Hearty Location

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Hearty Location is a responsive WordPress plugin designed to showcase a Google Map location with extensive map options and optional WooCommerce compatiblity.

Google Maps

map options


responsive WordPress

Flexible Widgets

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Bootstrap Framework

Responsive framework that makes our plugins adapt to mobile devices.


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Multiple Settings Instances

Configure multiple settings sets and use them with your shortcodes or widgets.

Unlimited Content Items

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Google Fonts

Choose any font from Google Web Fonts and use it with the plugin to customize your project.

Font Awesome

Add any icon from Font Awesome using the plugin's settings and use it for your project.

WooCommerce Support

This WordPress plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, so use it in your awesome projects.

Unlimited Projects

Buy once and receive free and unlimited updates without any hidden costs.


Make the most of the Hearty Location WordPress plugin in a short time using the step by step documentation!

To see the settings from the docs in action, check out the demo for more awesome features such as the layout options, multiple columns options and custom CSS3 effects!

Plugin Details

Plugin Details

  • Plugin version: 1.1.
  • Compatible with: WordPress 5.x & WooCommerce 3.x.
  • Bootstrap version: 3.3 (Hearty Plugins Customized Version)
  • jQuery version: WordPress default version
  • Credits: Unsplash for the demo images.

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