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Hearty Slider

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Hearty Slider is a free responsive WordPress plugin that can be used to create a slideshow and customize each slide using the 90+ plugin settings.

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This is the free version of our Hearty Slider Pro plugin, so compared to the full version, it has limited features and settings. This plugin has 1 settings instance, 10 content items, simple widgets and shortcodes, so for multiple settings instances, unlimited content items and flexible widgets, check out the full version.


Make the most of the Hearty Slider WordPress plugin in a short time using the step by step documentation!

To see the settings from the docs in action, check out the demo for more awesome features such as the layout options, multiple columns options and custom CSS3 effects!

Plugin Details

Plugin Details

  • Plugin version: 1.1.
  • Compatible with: WordPress 5.x.
  • Bootstrap version: 3.3 (Hearty Plugins Customized Version)
  • jQuery version: WordPress default version
  • Credits: Unsplash for the demo images.

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